Back to Life…

…back to reality.

I just finished my first two night shifts at the new hospital (and by “just” I mean exactly that, just). “Just” as in I’ve had a shower and am feeding the kids breakfast. “Just” as in the time on this blog post is not a fabrication. “Just” as in I’m working on my end of shift beer and am about to fall blissfully into bed.

I can already tell that getting back into the routine of leaving after dinner and coming home during breakfast is going to take a little more time. I do however, love working nights. There are less intrusions and less distractions, not to mention the added bonuses of not having to wake up early AND getting to sleep during the day.

All in all it’s a good fit even if it does mean that I have to spend a few days on an opposite schedule from the other people in the house.

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