Bonnes Resolutions

Last year went really well. I feel like I came out (calm and collected) better than I went in (kicking and screaming). I’m finding peace and feel more centered every day. Elijah and I made an amazing life change and lately, I have been feeling as if it should be acknowledged. People don’t just give two weeks notice, pack up their homes and move to another state. Well, maybe they do, but we don’t. And if I have anything to say about it, we never will again! But all that aside, we did an amazing thing for ourselves and our family this year and I just want to take a moment to pat myself on the back. Ok – done, now on to the demands I will make on myself for this year!

As I said in my previous resolution post I fell short in the running department in 2010. It’s sad because that’s the one thing I do only for myself. Neglecting it may have led to some of my crazier moments, and I’m anxious to start back up. The schedule/plan is to run three days a week for the next six weeks and then run the half in this year’s Austin Marathon. It’s perfect because it’s close, it’s a new race and it’s coming up pretty quickly. As long as I can build up my long run to at least nine miles, I’m good for 13.1. I’ll then pick a fall race to train for and hope that the thrill from the first race helps me keep my momentum up throughout the year. That’s the plan anyway.

My second resolutions is a rift on the 12 books a year resolution from 2010. I’d like to read 12 NPR recommended/reviewed books this year. I’m totally counting my current book The Battle for Christmas because I heard about it on NPR and didn’t finish it or use it in last year’s total. I’ve got a lot of ideas for future books and even know what I’ll be starting when my current book is read. I’m excited about this one because I get to read books from authors I probably would have never considered had I not been trolling the NPR books site.

My final resolution of the year is to pay off a portion of my student loans. We don’t have a lot of debt and we’ve really done well considering all the moving, selling and buying home expenses that we’ve had. I’d just like some extra wiggle room so I can quit driving the Trooper that I so lovingly refer to as “shitbox” and buy something a little nicer and more reliable.

So there you have it three resolutions for 2011. Here’s to hoping this year is just as awesome, but in a more local way, as 2010 was!

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