Summer Recap

Summer is winding down. The heat has been oppressive but our days have still been packed with activities. I severely miscalculated the need to sprinkle in some down time and we are all feeling the strain of not having had enough ‘lay around days.’ I vow to do better next summer, although I’m sure by next April I’ll forget how exhausted I felt this August and will once again schedule too much summer fun.

Asher and Amelia only have one week left of camp before they’re home with me all day for the next two weeks and I’m thinking it’s probably time to get that Xanax refilled. We will spend one more week in Oklahoma – swimming, staying up late and visiting family – before the highly anticipated last week of summer vacation. The kids and I will spend our last week of summer laying in front of the TV, munching on popcorn and pizza, dreading the following Monday’s 0645 alarm. I always try to give them one full week of lounging. I figure that way, they remember summer as being long lazy days filled with junk food episodes of The Simpsons.

Looking back, I realize how lucky we were this summer. We got to take our first family vacation with all four of us. Elijah and I were be able to reconnect with distant relatives and the kids were introduced to more people who love them. We all came home bronzed after spending time in the sun with sand between our toes. We’ve all been healthy and the kids, rather than stagnating, have grown physically, socially and mentally. I wake up every day grateful for the opportunity to be overbooked and stressed about how much fun we packed into these ten weeks.

However, I am also looking forward to this coming year. Asher will be heading into 2nd grade, and Amelia will spend three, YES THREE, days a week at preschool. The thought of structured days and routines after the chaos of summer is comforting. I will miss being able to put off dishes and laundry for days at a time, but I’ll also enjoy having the weeks more or less planned out. I am also hoping to work more in the coming months in an effort to fund some of our bigger house projects.

So there it is, three weeks early but a summer recap nonetheless. I think I wrote this early because I’m anxious for Fall. I’m ready for a season of shorter days and cooler weather. Hopefully, in spite of being ready to move on, I can help us all squeeze a few more good memories out of these remaining weeks.

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