There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

 You may have occasionally wondered how far our family would drive for free food. Well, wonder no more. Last weekend we found the answer to that question…75 miles. Let me repeat that, seventy-five miles.

Elijah’s uncle sent us a $100 gift certificate to Cooper’s BBQ that he won in a golf tournament. We’d planned on using it last Saturday but I balked at the fact that it’s located 75 miles west of us, in the town of Llano, Texas. Elijah thought it’d be a nice little adventure while I thought it’d be better to order the food online for delivery and eat it later that week, after the kids went to bed. However, since Elijah’s idea meant we wouldn’t have to figure out what to make for dinner that night, we packed up the two happiest travelers on the planet and headed out.

The drive really wasn’t that bad, aside from Amelia’s new favorite saying…”Amelia talk” which she uses whenever any one else is speaking, followed by high pitched screaming until she is acknowledged and responded to. The drive took us through some interesting small towns; I enjoyed exploring our westerly neighboring areas.

As for the food, we ordered a little of everything they had, ate a ton, and brought back a tub full of ribs, pork chops, brisket, and chicken. We figured that since we weren’t probably coming back anytime soon, we might as well use the whole amount of the certificate at once. We’ve been nibbling on the leftovers all week.

Nothing gets the school year started off right better than a meat filled tub!

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