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Suppermassive Black Hole

Poor Chester. Poor neglected, under appreciated, left to rot in a kennel while we party it up in Dallas, Chester. Last week I took Chester to get groomed who, by the way loves it so much, he has to be sedated. Later that evening Elijah mentioned that the bump on Chester’s left side seemed to…

Eat For Two

Chester is starting to get fat; I’m mean he is really tubbing out. I hadn’t even noticed, as Chester has pretty much become the neglected child, it was Elijah who pointed it out. We had to board Chester when we spent the weekend house hunting in Austin and they charged us based on his weight….

Mad World

On Tuesday, I dropped Chester off at the groomer’s for his summer haircut. He came home smelling of powder, with a black and orange flamed bandana around his neck. He is still not speaking to me.