Mighty Life List

I’m working on a “Mighty Life List” inspired by Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl fame.

I will update and publish the list as inspiration strikes and link all blog posts pertaining to the list on this page. I am super excited to make a list of all the things I’d like to do and start checking them off. That’s how us over planning, anxiety-ridden, non spontaneous OCD-ers get our kicks!

Run a Full Marathon | Earn my BSN | Disneyworld!! | Stay in an ice hotel | Drink sake with Julia in Japan | Swim with dolphins | Tour a Winery | Go to Barcelona with Zach and Kathy | Pay off my student loans | Work as an OB nurse | Take a cooking class “in country” (any country) | Go on a safari | Get an anniversary tattoo | Build/Design my dream closet | Run the Big Sur Half-Marathon with Elijah | Alaska | Watch a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show | Take a cruise | Buy personalized license plates | Play the piano | Take ballroom lessons with Elijah | Russia | Learn to sew (at least curtains) | Eat my way through Chicago | Spend Christmas in New York | Go on a mother daughter trip with Amelia | Design the perfect reading nook | Spend a summer traipsing through Europe with my family | Take Asher to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Eat in a 3-star Michelin restaurant