My Love

Photo taken by Jansson Photography This week’s Monday Listicles theme is love. Appropriate, apt, fun, and easy. I decided to use this as an opportunity to make a list of all the reasons why, after twelve years of marriage, I am still ridiculously in love with Elijah. 1. He still makes me laugh. A lot….

18 And Life

I can’t possibly express how thrilled I was when Jamie from Chosen Chaos asked me to write a post for her If I Could Turn Back Time series. I mean have you seen the list of those who’ve been there before me?! So, I am not here today. I’m spending this Friday with friends. Please…

Tramp Stamp

When you’re sweet little girl looks at you like this…  And asks for this… You give in. Then you swear you’ll never tell anyone about it. But you post it on your blog anyway…because OMG it’s hilarious! It’s Wednesday, so you know I’m linking up with iPPP!

Soundtrack Of My Life

Today’s topic is ten songs that would make up my life’s soundtrack. 1. Absolutely (Story of a Girl) – Nine Days Because if we’re going to start my life off with a theme, it might as well be one of tears. Yes, I was a girl tortured by being perpetually in the friend zone. As…

What I Am

I am a mother.  I keep laundry and faces clean. I oversee homework, appointments, and activities, read stories and correct grammar. I make imaginary meals during tea parties and pack lunches for school. I ward off nightmares and kiss boo boos, wipe noses and bottoms. I am the first in the morning and the last…

Photo Op

Elijah’s birthday was this past Sunday. Instead of a family celebration I dropped the kids with friends so we could spend the day together, without all the screaming and stress, in and around Austin taking pictures. Other than some early morning grumbles (mine, not his) we had a lovely day. We spent the gloomy morning…

Treading Water

My house is a wreck. There are piles of toys, books and clothes all over the floors while papers, dirty dishes, and miscellaneous trinkets cover the shelves, counters and tables. My bed isn’t made. The kid’s rooms are just as bad and I haven’t the energy nor the desire to straighten or clean them. I…


Photo done by Jansson Photography.


I am an introvert. I do well in small groups, with people I already know and feel comfortable around. I can fake it, if necessary, but not for long, and with varying results. When I meet new people I usually smile, say hello, and then either stay and listen to their conversation, or move on….

Still Hungry!

I just finished the time suck that is The Hunger Games Trilogy, and am now wondering what to read for the rest of my life. The books were a perfect Christmas gift from my SIL, but right now, I sort of hate her. Hate might be too strong of a word. I’m really just so…